First-Ever Flip

My life-long dream of flipping a house finally came true in 2016, when I found this 100 year old green gem. When we bought it, it was a 2-unit apartment with hardly any light, outdated EVERYTHING, but tons of potential. As we started gutting it, I decided to submit an application to the show First Time Flippers on the DIY Network….and only a week later, we got a phone call from the producer telling us we had been chosen!

The crew showed up to film us doing demolition during the hottest week of  summer, and then 7 more times to catch us in each stage of the renovation. “Demo-day” (thanks Chip) was more like “Demo-month” and it was some of the hardest physical labor I’ve ever done. When we ripped the plaster off the walls, we discovered 100 years worth of soot from the fireplace…exhibit A:

I know, super glamorous for TV, right?! It took about four months, but we transformed this dirty apartment into a gorgeous, open-concept single family home. We installed engineered hardwood floors, a high-end kitchen with vaulted ceilings, and a beautiful master suite.


















We ended up renting the house for the next year, and when we put it on the market in 2017, it sold immediately!

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