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Ready to transform your space? Whether you're tackling a major renovation or just looking to spruce up a room, Anna is here to help you create a space worth swooning over.

With the virtual sessions, you can share your space via video, present photos or links for us to review together, or simply chat and brainstorm ideas. The time is yours to use however you like!

Say goodbye to the stress of home design decisions. Booking a 30 or 90 minute virtual session with Anna will make the process easier and more enjoyable!

  • Furniture and home decor selection and placement
  • Paint and wall treatments
  • Drape and window treatments
  • Stores and brands to consider
  • Cabinetry and built-ins
  • Styling (surfaces, walls, sofas, beds, etc.)
  • Fixtures, finishes, trims
  • Construction and remodel ideas / second opinions
  • Exterior design
  • Floor plan layouts

virtual sessions

30-minute Virtual Session

90-minute Virtual Session

  • Choosing paint colors for a room or provide advice on coordinating colors.
  • Assist with arranging furniture in a room for better flow and functionality.
  • Recommend lighting fixtures and placement.
  • Advise on how to style and place accessories like artwork, rugs, and decorative items.
  • Provide ideas for maximizing storage space in a room.
  • Help plan and arrange artwork or create a gallery wall layout.
  • Offer suggestions for quick updates, like changing hardware, adding new throw pillows, or rearranging existing furniture.
  • Assist in selecting materials such as fabrics, finishes, or countertops for a project.
  • Provide guidance on selecting furniture or decor items online.
  • Help create a functional and comfortable home office space.

a 30-minute virtual session is ideal for:

a 90-minute virtual session is ideal for:

  • Help clients plan a complete room makeover, including furniture selection, layout, color scheme, and decor.
  • Create custom design concepts for a room, including mood boards, color palettes, and material selections.
  • Provide detailed space planning for a room, including furniture placement and traffic flow analysis.
  • Assist with planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation, including layout, materials, and fixtures.
  • Offer detailed advice on styling a room, including selecting and arranging furniture, accessories, and artwork.
  • Help clients solve specific design challenges or dilemmas they are facing in their space.
  •  Assist with selecting and purchasing furniture, decor, and materials for a room redesign.
  • Develop a cohesive color scheme for a room or an entire home.
  • Present design concepts and ideas to clients, including rough draft sketches.

30 or 90 minute Virtual Sessions
with Lead Designer: Anna Joy
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During your virtual session, you'll connect via Zoom for a personalized video call experience. Before the scheduled meeting, you'll receive an email with a link to join the call. Once you're connected, you can share your space with Anna through screen sharing or video, ask questions, and receive tailored feedback and advice. The virtual session is designed to be collaborative, allowing us to address your specific needs and preferences without a rigid structure dictating how you use your time.

How do i prepare for my virtual session?

The level of preparation for the session can vary based on each client's needs and goals. We typically recommend preparing a brief document or presentation that includes photos of the spaces requiring attention and any specific questions you may have. Some clients also find it helpful to include inspiration images, details about furniture or decor they are considering, or even floor plans or drawings.

how do i show my space?

During the session, we connect over Zoom video calls, allowing you to showcase your space in real time using the camera on your device. To make the process smoother, many clients find it helpful to gather photos of their space in a document, which can then be uploaded to your dashboard for us to review together. Additionally, we can use Zoom's screen share feature to look at any additional imagery or documents you'd like to discuss during the session.

how much can we accomplish in one session?

Clients often express pleasant surprise at how comprehensive the sessions are. They frequently leave feeling inspired, energized, and confident about their next steps, with a wealth of new ideas for their space. Anna designs rooms daily, which allows her to quickly immerse herself in a new space and provide efficient, insightful advice.

How do i participate?

It's simple! Select a time/date and book your session. Then download zoom for free on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. After booking, you'll receive an email with a link and details on how to join. Once you join the virtual session, you'll get personalized advice, support and guidance from a top designer!