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I want to hear all about you and your dream space! Contact me if you’re ready to start talking design, and make a new friend of course.  Let’s make your home all you’ve ever wanted it to be, a place you’re proud to bring guests into!

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Thank you for reaching out, I am so excited to look over your design project. In the next 48 hours you can expect to receive an email from me with a few more questions specific to your request. In the meantime, please browse around my website, gather your inspiration photos, and make a list of each space that will need my attention. I can’t wait to get to know you better! 

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Will I travel? Absolutely! And if you own puppies or live in a place with sunshine and good shopping, you’ll make me happy happy happy!

How do I charge? I find that the best way to charge my clients is hourly. I typically bill every two weeks, so that no one is surprised by the number of hours spent. I keep detailed account of how I spend my time.

Where am I based out of? I currently have residences in both Michigan and Pennsylvania. If you live in one of these states, it’s a greater likelihood that we’ll be able to meet in person!

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