Trip to Magnolia

It’s no secret – Magnolia is a MAGICAL place…especially in spring. At the beginning of March, I flew to Texas and went to Waco for the sixth time. Every time I go, it gets better and better! Even when it’s cold, the grounds at the Silos are bustling and the bakery is packed. When I say that EVERY bakery item is delicious, I mean that the chocolate cupcake puts every other cake I’ve tasted to shame. And, you’ll be sorry if you don’t taste the cinnamon rolls and the biscuits too.

This year the shop was decked out with handmade tissue magnolia blooms, on real pecan tree bases. The excitement is electric as soon as you walk in the front door, and even though you have to side shuffle to make your way around the store, every shopper is elated by the beautiful things for sale. My favorite purchase was the Magnolia Spring candle – hands down, the BEST smelling candle ever.

While we were checking out, all the cashiers started cheering – Chip randomly selected one customer and paid for their entire order. It was the woman’s 40th birthday, and just another example of Chip and Jo’s kindness and thoughtfulness. I was so impressed by the displays and by the cheerfulness of the employees. It’s really a joyful place to be.

Whether you’re in the main store or in one of the out buildings, every corner is perfectly done, each detail perfectly tended to. If you’re not shopping, you can hang out on the lawn and play one of the many lawn games and have a delicious bite to eat from one of the food trucks.

If you’re debating about making a trip to Waco, you should do it. It gets better with time. The best addition to Waco could be Magnolia Table, the restaurant. It was my first time there, and now I feel like I need to go back five more times to try everything on the menu that I wanted to! If you go, I’d recommend going on a weekday, as I hear weekends are insane and the wait can get lengthy. However, there is a little store on the premises, and an outdoor coffee shop that will help you pass time. I ordered pancakes…they were the best pancakes I’ve ever had. I also tried a bite of the eggs benedict, which was also mind-blowingly good. So run, don’t walk, to get to Waco! It’s. magical.

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